Vasectomy Procedures Set to Resume on May 9

On March 20th, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order Number 20-72 (Section 1.A.):  All hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, office surgery centers, dental, orthodontic and endodontic offices and other health care practitioners’ offices were prohibited from providing any medically unnecessary, non-urgent or non-emergency procedure or surgery.
This Executive Order expires upon the expiration of Executive Order 20-52, which expires 60 days from March 9th unless extended. We do not think that the Order will be extended.

So, until May 9, we will not provide vasectomy services. On April 17, we learned that some offices WERE still providing vasectomy services, apparently thinking that the order applied only to hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, or that vasectomy could be viewed as necessary to prevent another unintended pregnancy in couples whose use of condoms had already failed to prevent pregnancy. That may be little bit of a stretch, but one can make a case that a delay in reversal surgery does compromise success because of (1) the known decrease in success as the time since vasectomy increases and (2) the advancing age of partners, especially those who are already in their late 30's or early 40's. Given that shortages of PPEs and hospital beds are less of an issue than they were a month ago, we resumed reversal procedures on the week of April 20 taking all precautions for distancing including having only one patient in the office at a time and asking all reversal patients to wear homemade masks.

Men who were already registered to have a vasectomy between March 20 and May 8 have been postponed and are now being offered dates after May 8 in the order of their original appointments.

If you have not registered but would like to get "in the system", you may still register online. When prompted, indicate your preferred location; for a preferred date, type in 01/01/2022. That will file your record appropriately in our database. When the order is lifted or expires, we will contact patients in the order in which they registered (which we know because registrations are date-and-time-stamped). If you WOULD like to register now, please click HERE.

Semen Specimen Evaluation: Staff is in the office M-F, 9-4, to evaluate semen specimens for men who have had vasectomies and reversals before March 20. The office is locked, but outside our door are instructions to call 813-536-1430 when you arrive, leave the specimen in a little bin attached to the door, and our staff will evaluate the specimen RIGHT AWAY, then call you with an immediate answer. Easy enough!

Contraception Options: For those of you seeking contraception for the months before you can get your vasectomy, there are many options. One of the best sources of information is the CDC contraception page that you can read at There is much useful information on the CDC website and the links lead to more details. If you find that oral contraceptives, “the pill,” would be a good method while you wait, you can now order the pill online after a brief consultation by phone with the physicians at Project Ruby. For more information about this, please see the website “Project Ruby” at

COVID-19 Office Policy:

  1. If you have had a fever, chills, or cough or if you have been exposed to someone with known COVID-19 within the past two weeks, we ask that you postpone your appointment and see your doctor for testing. If you see your doctor and get a note, it will be no loss of your deposit for postponing.
  2. Our staff and doctors will be wearing masks. High-touch areas in our office (door knobs, light switches, reception desk, chair arms) are sanitized twice per day.
  3. You and your partner must bring and wear a mask in the office. Homemade masks are fine. The CDC recommendations are HERE. If you bring children, your partner must stay outside with them.
  4. Upon entering the office, do not touch the inside door knob. Push the door closed with your elbow. The receptionist will give you hand sanitizer so that everything you touch remains clean. Then you will sign your registration sheet and consent, pay the balance of your vasectomy fee, and receive a scrotal support (athletic supporter).
  5. In the bathroom, takeoff your pants and under shorts, apply the scrotal support with the pouch in the front, and then put your under shorts and pants back on over it. Then wash your hands with soap and water.
  6. While waiting for your vasectomy, please distance yourself 6 feet from other patients in the waiting room or step outside the office. If you step outside, please use hand sanitizer when you return.
  7. After your vasectomy, you will be given hand sanitizer. Door knobs have all been sanitized, and since all patients have been given sanitizer, the door knob leading out of the office should be sterile.

Thank you,
John Curington and Doug Stein, MDs