COVID-19 Office Policy - Reinstated Aug 15 b/o the Delta variant
We know that vaccinated persons can still be carriers. A number of vaccinated colleagues have become ill and a few have even been hospitalized.
  1. If you have had a fever, chills, or cough or if you have been exposed to someone with known COVID-19 within the past two weeks, we ask that you postpone your appointment and see your doctor for testing. If you see your doctor and get a note (test positive), there will be no loss of your deposit for postponing.
  2. Our staff and doctors will be wearing masks for YOUR protection.
  3. Our policy is to assume that you are positive (but not yet symptomatic), with virus in your breath.
  4. You and your partner must bring and wear a mask  for OUR protection and that of other patients. Homemade masks are fine. The CDC recommendations are HERE.  If you bring children, your partner must stay outside with them.
  5. Upon entering the office, the receptionist will give you hand sanitizer to kill virus on your hands so that everything you touch remains clean. Then you will sign your registration sheet and consent, pay the balance of your vasectomy fee, and receive a scrotal support (athletic supporter).
  6. In the bathroom, take off your pants and under shorts, apply the scrotal support with the pouch in the front, and then put your undershorts and pants back on over it. Then wash your hands with soap and water.
  7. While waiting for your vasectomy, please distance yourself 6 feet from other patients in the waiting room or step outside the office until called.

Semen Specimen Evaluation: Staff is in the office M-F, 9-4, to evaluate semen specimens for men who have had vasectomies and reversals. You must be wearing a mask to enter the office. If you don't have a mask, please call 813-536-1430 when you arrive, our staff will greet you at the door, and they will take and evaluate the specimen RIGHT AWAY, then call you with an immediate answer. Easy enough!

Thank you,
John Curington and Doug Stein, MDs