Dr. John Curington
by Doug Stein
I met John Curington when he volunteered to join NSVI for the 2013 vasectomy mission in the Philippines. At the time, he was an energetic provider of reproductive health services, including vasectomy, in Southern California.
Fully trained in No-scalpel Vasectomy even then, he was an immediate asset to the mission. John not only joined subsequent NSVI missions to the Philippines in 2014 and 2016 ...
... he was a lead educator for vasectomy ...
... in Kenya. Just before the start of NSVI's 2013 mission, John arrived early to be a guest speaker at the Kisumu Medical and Education Trust (above) and to network with The Tupange Project to facilitate delivery of family planning services in Western Kenya.
During the Kenya mission, John took to the streets with NSVI and kept men laughing (and squirming) as he explained vasectomy to a population of men previously reluctant to participate in family planning. As an expert in female contraceptive options, he also demonstrated the proper technique to evaluate women for IUD insertion at our Marie Stopes service site in Kisumu (above).
In 2014, John joined NSVI in Haiti to train local doctors, perform vasectomies, and explain the importance of vasectomy at a meeting of other NGOs.
One month before World Vasectomy Day 2014, John went to Cuba to promote the event in Latin America. During our visit, NSVI donated to Dr. Ramiro Fragas (Cuba's leading vasectomy expert) the specialized equipment needed for no-needle anesthesia and thermal cautery. Fluent in Spanish and super-friendly, John is the perfect travel companion. His energy, enthusiasm, and limitless good cheer are contagious.

As you can see, John and I share common values and goals. He is not only an excellent and experienced vasectomist and vasectomy trainer, but also an expert at all alternative forms of family planning. In fact, he has been employed by UCSF (University of California San Francisco) to provide training in all forms of female-based contraception nationwide, especially IUD insertion. Now the VP and Education Director of NSVI, he is thoroughly dedicated to promoting and providing quality vasectomy services and to teaching other doctors worldwide.

As my caseload has increased, I cannot think of any better associate than John Curington. I feel fortunate that he joined me in July 2016.