Office closed July 15-19, 2024 for Staff Vacation.

Thank you for visiting

  1. From July 15-19, we will respond to online vasectomy registrations with phone calls to provide appointment times, but registrants will not be able to call in since our phone lines will not be monitored
  2. Our office phone message provides the cell numbers of Drs. Stein and Galante, so established patients with urgent needs can text us directly. We will respond to texts ASAP.
  3. We will check e-mail daily. Messages left on our Contact Us page come directly to my e-mail. So please submit questions and I will respond by either e-mail, or a personal call.
  4. Semen specimens received by our office via postal mail from July 15-19 will be held and evaluated on July 22. From July 15-19, an assistant will retrieve them from our mailbox and store them in a freezer. They should be fine because, although sperm die after a few days, they retain their physical integrity and can still be identified in specimens weeks old. Results will be provided by email if negative for sperm, or by phone call if still positive for sperm and another test is needed.

Thanks again,
Doug Stein, MD