A documentary film about vasectomy, the role of men in family planning, and the issue of overpopulation was in production for three years. The topics are addressed by the two characters central to the project: Director Jonathan Stack and Doctor Doug Stein. The page you are reading now is intended to be an overview or guide for those who have an interest in these topics and who would like to follow the events leading up to the premier of the film on October 18, 2013 in Australia. The film was the centerpiece of World Vasectomy Day 2013. It is available for viewing HERE. The Vimeo password is VAS2013. The Vasectomist was an Official Selection of the 2019 American Conservation Film Festival.

 Three hundred hours of filming took place in Florida, the Philippines, Haiti, and Kenya. There was more interesting material than could be condensed into a 52-minute documentary. Much of this good footage is presented in The Vasectomy Series, a series of "webisodes" about the 2 men:  Jonathan, a filmmaker on a personal quest for his own vasectomy, and Doug, a urologist so determined to spread the benefits of vasectomy that he stopped practicing general urology after 17 years to focus on providing vasectomy throughout Florida. During the months of editing the 300 hours of footage to produce a 52-minute broadcast-quality documentary, first came a Trailer. Then, a pair of "Season 1" webisodes was released each week, one about Jonathan's vasectomy decision and one about Doug in Florida. This was followed by a "Season 2" series about efforts to promote vasectomy overseas.
The Vasectomy Files: Coincident with the production of these webisodes, Jonathan published a weekly blog in The Good Men Project. This series of insightful, often funny, and always delightful essays are testimony to Jonathan's talent as a writer as well as filmmaker.
Finally: Opening Night at the Adelaide Film Festival 2013
The Vasectomy Series Season 1 Webisodes:
Introduction by Jonathan. To follow the series in chronological order, or to pick specific episodes, return to this page and choose from the links below.
Director Jonathan Stack Doctor Doug Stein
Episode 1: Meet the Director Episode 1: Meet the Doctor
Episode 2: A Visit to Dr. Fisch to get a Sperm Count Episode 2: A Day of Vasectomies with Dr. Stein
Episode 3: Getting a Second Opinion or Two ... Episode 3: The Doctor and His Billboards
Episode 4: Telling His Parents, Ex-wife, Girlfriend ... Episode 4: The Traveling Vasectomist
Episode 5: Telling His Kids Episode 5: Meeting Resistance
Episode 6: Jonathan Puts His Balls on the Line
The Vasectomy Series Season 2 Webisodes
Episode 1: Procedures in Kenya Episode 2: Campaigning in Kenya
Episode 3: Billboards in Kenya Episode 4: Training Doctors in Kenya
Episode 5: The Need in the Philippines Episode 6: Opposition in the Philippines
Episode 7: Procedures in the Philippines Episode 8: Education in Haiti
Episode 9: Incentives in Haiti Episode 10: Procedures in Haiti
The Vasectomy Files
1. The Process Begins 2. Exiting the Gene Pool
3. Is Your Astrologer Against You Getting Snipped? 4. Apples and Oranges
5. The Power of Love 6. Jump or Step Back
7. Police and COPS 8. Our Mission
9. Sparking a Global Conversation 10. No Scalpel, No Needle
11. Underdogs and Challenges 12. A Modern Day Don Quixote
13. Back to Basics 14. Pain and Pleasure
World Vasectomy Day Videos: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2021, 2022
Thailand King's Birthday Vasectomies