VasWeb, P.A., a Florida corporation providing vasectomy and reversal services in Florida and Colorado, is not required by HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) to have a privacy policy because we share no personal health-related information electronically with any other entities, that is, we do not engage in electronic billing or fund transfers. Nonetheless, we have a policy that describes how the information that you may submit to us through vasweb may and may not be used, in essence our own privacy policy. While we have the ability, as does every website, to count the number of visitors to the site, we make no effort to trace the identity of any computer that is used to view the site. You are welcome to visit all pages of vasweb anonymously. If, however, you would like Dr. Stein or Curington to respond to any of your questions personally, you will need to complete the CONTACT FORM within our Visitors Page, and if you would like to have a vasectomy, you will need to provide some information about yourself, either (1) by using the Vasectomy Pre-Registration Form or (2) by filling out paper forms in our office with information that we ourselves will enter into our database by using the same form.


The information provided when you submit your completed CONTACT FORM via vasweb is received as an e-mail by Dr. Stein and never shared with any third party. Some e-mails are saved, to be added to the records of those who become patients of Dr. Stein. At the time a physician/patient relationship is established, any contact correspondence is kept in strict confidence within that individual patient's medical file. Please also see our disclaimer.

The information provided when you submit your completed Vasectomy Pre-Registration Form goes to a database that resides on the off-site server for the rest of We do not have a login system that allows you to change the information submitted at an earlier date, but when you come to the office, a printed summary of the information that you submitted will be presented to you for approval. Only this summary, signed by you, becomes part of your formal permanent record. By necessity, a few records may be seen by our two-person database developer team when they make sure that the database is functioning properly. Only they and the small staff of VasWeb's Tampa office have access through passwords to the data that you submit. The information is not shared with anyone except your other health care providers, and with them only when you provide permission to do so as you fill out the Registration Form. Some insurance carriers require that we submit claims online rather than by postal mail. Once online claims are submitted, they reside on the servers of the insurance companies who presumably follow their own privacy policies.