Every doctor has success stories and testimonials from patients who think that he or she is wonderful. But offering the names of only those patients whose procedures have been successful doesn't allow the reversal candidate an unbiased spectrum of opinions about a surgeon or the reversal process.

In April 1999, we began to ask every reversal patient for permission to release his first name and phone number to reversal candidates who would like to learn more about the reversal process here in our office. We asked this permission at the time of each reversal, even before we know if the reversal had restored sperm to the semen. As of June 2012, 760 reversal patients were listed by state and telephone area code. This became a bit unwieldy, it was time-consuming to maintain, and some of the phone numbers went out of service as people moved or changed listings. If you feel that you would like to speak with a former patient with an interval between vasectomy and reversal similar to yours, we can arrange that.

Please contact us by using our Visitor Form for more information.

For those of you who really like the good news stories, here are a few:

Dr. Stein,
The L____ Family wanted to share our miracle with you and yours ... this Christmas we have so much to be thankful for, we have an amazing addition to our family because of your medical expertise. Our perfect baby boy Jake was born August 25, 2018 after my 11.5 year reversal !! Our lives have changed. especially mine at 48 years old! Our precious boy is healthy, brilliant, and beautiful! Christa and I are forever indebted to you and your staff! Merry Xmas!

The good doctor Stein called last week to inquire as to the results of a reversal performed on me three years ago. Rather than calling, I am writing this message a followup to that call.

This is to announce the (belated) birth of James "Austin" (HIPAA regulations prohibit the publishing of last name, he he), last May 8th, 2002. He weighed 8.0 lbs, 20.5 inches of pure TEXAN.

In 1981, after having a daughter, I chose to have a vasectomy. However in 1998, I remarried and my new wife really wanted to have children. I searched the net for a clinic specializing in that type of procedure. One well advertised clinic wanted over $8000 and lots of trips to their South Texas location. Dr Stein's fee was considerably less than that (even with airfare, lodging and food) with a single two day visit to Tampa, Fla. They provided a list of referrals and I contacted a couple of them personally. We chose Dr Stein as the surgeon for the reversal The first day was a one hour office visit and brief exam, and the procedure was scheduled for the next afternoon.

The reversal performed by Dr. Stein was performed without complications. We stayed an extra day to do a little sightseeing on the Gulf, then flew back the following morning. Recovery was about 5 days of just laying around, being chauffeured by my wife and eating out a lot, since I am the primary cook in the house. The staff called a couple of weeks after the procedure to see that recovery was progressing. About six months later, they sent a specimen kit to evaluate sperm count by a local lab at no cost to us. We continued to attempt pregnancy and one day when I came home from work, I found a small stuffed lamb on the bed holding two pair of booties, one pink and one blue. Needless to say we were elated with the news. We chose not to find out the gender of our child. We are thankful to GOD who blessed us with our baby boy.

Austin will be one next week and is very health, happy and already asking for the car keys. Pictures attached.

Thank you for your professional assistance in making this happen.

James and Tracy
Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Dr. Stein,

Well, so much has happened since we last spoke, I believe in August of 1999. As I stated in our last conversation, Greg and I employed the help of a fertility specialist and learned that Greg had built up sperm antibodies. In January of 2000 we did a sperm wash and insemination and got lucky on our 1st try!!! The doctor recommended using fertility drugs, but knowing that I could not handle multiples, I declined. In October of 2000 we had a beautiful, healthy boy and named him Spencer after much arguing on names. He is now 3 and makes us laugh everyday with phrases he comes up with.

We had a BIG surprise in September of 2001 in the form of a beautiful, healthy baby boy. We were under the impression that conceiving was near impossible without the help of a specialist. July of 2002 Garrison was born. We feel so very blessed and want to thank you for Gregs successful reversal. Nic and Gillian are the boys siblings and just adore their baby brothers. Nic and Gillian have been living with us full time since May of 1999. They have enjoyed watching the different stages of pregnancy and are now enjoying watching the boys grow and go through the their different stages.

I wanted to write to you because I remember you telling me that you like to keep stat sheets on your cases and it's hard to keep up with clients because of divorce, moving, etc.

Well, put 2 more marks on the positive feedback column for Spencer and Garrison because Greg and I are positively happy and love our baby boys so much!!!

Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season and best wishes in 2004. Thank you again so very much for completing our lives.

R & Greg
(Tampa, Florida)

Dear Dr. Stein,

My husband Alex had a reversal at your office in January of 2000. We just wanted to send you a picture of Cody Erin, born Feb. 21, 2001. We are so excited to welcome him to our family  thank you! I also wanted to thank you for your personal calls to Alex. You dont see that too often these days and we really appreciated the calls. You are welcomed to use our name if anyone wants to talk with someone about your office. Thanks again,

Jill (Longwood, Florida)

10 Dec 1995
Dear Dr. Stein and Staff

In January 1994 you performed a reversal on my Daddy. My Daddy's original vasectomy had been performed in 1970. Not much happened until March of this year. But Mommie and Daddy took a Nile cruise starting at Luxor and ending at Aswan Egypt. During this time I was conceived. I am really a busy baby girl right now, drinking milk, and sleeping, and smiling, but I want to take enough time to tell you that I thank you very much. I hear Daddy saying to me every day, "Thank God for Dr. Stein". I was a very healthy baby, more than 8 lbs. I'm only 16 days old now and Mommie looks like a teenager again. I plan to come to America soon. I have a passport (American) already. So I want to say to you, Dr. Stein, thank you. I think I am going to have a very happy life. My parents think I am very special.

Love Olivia Shareen
P.S. Daddy Bob and Mommie Manal attended La Mazze classes and Daddy cut my cord after I cried. We all plan to see you in January.

My name is Nicole and you performed a reversal on my husband, Robert, back in December, 2001. It took a while, but I just wanted to let you know that I recently found out that I was pregnant and my due date is January 29, 2004. Thank you so much for everything that you did for us.

Dr. Stein, Vivian and office staff. I present to you Garrett Chase. Born November 26th, 2003, 8lb 11oz, 22 1/4" long. Without your help Dr. Stein this dream would have never came to pass, may God truly Bless you, and your staff. Oh yeah, 2nd time was a charm :-) If you need any referrals just send them our way.

Robby and Dena
Cullman, AL

Hi Dr. Stein. This is C. from Rutherfordton, NC. G. and I had our 2nd son 3 months ago. We sing your praises quite often. Because of this there is a couple considering vas reversal here. Can you tell me how far out you are on scheduling? I see your prices have increased a little (which of course is only natural) and they will have travel expenses from South Carolina but still I'm sure it would serve them well to contact you. Hope all is successful in your business.

Just an update. Katelyn Christine was born 9/11/03 at 7:31 AM. She was 8 lbs 2.8 oz. and 20 1/2". Mom and daughter are doing great. Dad is doing good also. Again, thank you for your expertise in the reversal. I would highly recommend your services to anybody considering this procedure.

Your Website is wrong woman, its been 820 reversals. Just Kidding I really thank you and Dr Stein for the great service that I received and the hospitality. If you have anyone that wants to contact me about your services give my first and last name I have nothing but praise. Thanks again and God Bless you guys. Whether we have children or not I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Chris Hutchinson

Dr. Stein did my husbands procedure in March 2002. To our surpraise we were pregnant in April 2002. We had a little girl in 12-2002. I went on birth control and to our surpraise in 9-2003 found out I was pregnant again. People can't believe I got pregnant on the pill but when I tell them my husband had a reversal. They are even more surpraised. The procedure is so expensive here and people don't talk about it much. Have you ever thought about advertising here in Tennessee? Thanks for everything!!!!!!!!! I would like to help in advertising if you considered the idea.

Dr. Stein & Viv,
Well 10 months post 2nd-op, & we are pregnant! Just though I would let you know. Due date will be in June 04. I will let you know what we have.

Hi Dr. Stein
The pregnacy was after the clomid in fact about 2 months after. We had given up on having a baby the conventional way so we began to look at adoption of course this was the month she did get pregnant. Thank you for your continued interest we are so excited and are happy to share with anybody who will listen. In fact I am going to refer someone to you soon his brother is in a class I am teaching and this couple has been saving up for a while and wanted someone good so you are the man. By the way my contact info is now
J and R ...
Rock Hill, SC

Thanks Again for everything

Hello Dr. Stein. Keith and I wanted to let you know that the vasectomy reversal that you performed on him in Febuary of this year was a sucess. We are pregnant and are due on May 29, 2004. WOW, that was fast. Thank you so much for everything. This is truly a dream come true. You and you staff were very helpful and kind to us during our visit. We continuer to refer inquiring friends to you. We hope that you and you staff and families all have a very mery Christmas and a wonderful new year. I know ours will we outstanding. Thank you again.

Keith and Jaci

Dr Stein-
I am happy to announce that Kristin and I conceived our baby in November. Everything is moving along smoothly and we couldn't be happier. Thank you for your tremendously skilled work and your positive attitude. I am pleased to say that I will be a strong word-of-mouth advertiser for you and your services.

Thanks again and Happy New Year.

Dr. Stein,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a job well done for James' reversal almost one year ago. (1/27/03) We waited a long time to have the semen analysis done, and as you know, the results are excellent!!! I apologize for the doubt I had about 6 months ago regarding the success of the surgery. I realize that I should not have assumed that the problem was related to the success of the reversal. To be honest, there is a lot of stuff flying around the internet about reversals, and success and horror stories abound. It is an emotional experience to say the least.

We are very grateful to you for your kindness, your skill, your patience, your empathy, and for following up on us and caring about the results of the surgery. Your phone calls have truly meant alot to us!!! We are so thrilled to know that James is fertile again. Of course, we still may not conceive a baby. But we are still completely happy with the outcome of our journey to Tampa. I cannot explain why it is so important to us for James to be "whole" again, but it is. Our marriage is closer and happier since the reversal, and for that we are forever grateful to you!!!!

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! We will always remember you. God bless you. The work you do and the joy you bring to so many is awesome!!! You're the best!!!


Dr. Stein,
I don't know if you remember us but Tim had his vr on Oct 27. I just wanted to let you know we just tested positive. Thank you. I can't believe it worked. It was over 11 years since Tim's vasectomy

Julie S.

Dr. Stein, we would just like to take the time to say thank you very much. In February of this year we had a 7 lb bundle of joy. We have named him nicholas i have sent a picture of him to show you that your work, does miracles, again Thank you very much.

Charles and Patricia

Thanks for Everything Dr. Stein,
This message, though brief,
Has a specially warm touch ...
For it comes from the heart --
"Thank you so very much!"
Because of what you did for us
we were successful in getting our
daughter. She is due in
February. We are grateful for
gifted individuals like yourself.

Thanks again,
Ted & Angela

Dr. Stein,
You performed a reversal on me 1 1/2 ago, we had just lost our daughter Isabella. Our hearts were broken and we were looking for answers. You provided us with that answer.
I have enclosed a picture of Chloe, she is two months old and she is doing great. We wanted to thank you for a priceless gift and for helping to mend our hearts.
God bless you, L, V, J, M, S, F and C.

Dr. Stein, I've been meaning to write sooner but better late than never. Just wanted to say thank you soooo much for making my husband's reversal a success!! We now have a 17.5 lb. baby girl Briana Marie. She was born 2/8/05. It would not have been possible without your help! We are very happy! She is so beautiful! She was 7 lbs. 7 oz. when born she's almost 7 months what a bundle of joy she is & Thank you once again. Keep in touch. Take Care.
Barry & Marta

This is just a message to report another success story. My husband had a reversal Feb. 2005 and we are happy to announce that we are expecting in April this year. His reversal was done just after 1 year of his vasectomy. We conceived in July, just 4 months after the reversal. We thank you for this blessing to add one more to our family. Kurt and Donna

Dr. Stein, I wanted to give you some updated information on my reversal. I had my reversal done on May 19th, 2005 and we just found out on Tuesday May 2, 2006 that my wife is pregnant. This is after having a vasectomy for almost 15 years and being 45 years old (my wife is 42). You do nice work!!! Thanks and God bless, Scott

I just wanted to inform Dr. Stein that after undergoing a reversal back in 2005 (7+ years after a Vasectomy), I am proud to announce that my wife is now 9 weeks pregnant. I would like to sincerely thank and congratulate Dr. Stein for a job well done. Please feel free to post this email or use me as a reference. Don

Dr. Stein,
Approximately 1 year ago, you performed a reversal on my husband. We are both very excited to share the attached picture with you. On March 24, 2006, our little girl, Katelyn was born.

We wanted to personally thank you and tell you how appreciative we are of you. You did an awesome job!! You are a very understanding and caring person along with your staff. Thank you for the support that you gave us.

We are absolutely in love with Katelyn. She has brought so much love and joy and happiness into our lives, that no words can truly express them. Thank you once again, for everything.

Jose and Elizabet

Hey, Dr. Stein. You performed my reversal in March of 2002. My Daughter was born in December of 2002. My Son was born in May of 2004. Now my wife and I have recently learned that she is pregnant again. I just wanted to thank you. As with my son we were not expecting this exciting news. If we come to Florida next year I will contact you about maybe performing a vasectomy. I am sending you my new address so that you may update your referral list once again thank you. William

Hi, thanks for emailing us back. This next email was long overdue. I wanted to write again and let you know our daughter came into the world on Dec 14th just fine. She was delivered c-section and she was 8lbs 14oz and 21"long. We named her Mackenzie Rae. I've attached a photo of her and of us as well. She is a week old in the photo that was taken. Thank you for all your help. We are forever grateful and we couldn't be happier. For it being a reversal you made the situation rather pleasant and have had only great things to say about you and your office. Thank you again Dr Stein!
Dawn and Steve

Dr Stein, We were in your office having a reversal done back on December 19, 2001. I beleive we have the year right. It had been about 12 years since my original vascectomy. Shortly after my reversal procedure Donna went through some female complications and even though we were told she should still be able to get pregnant nothing happened. After a few years of thinking and worrying about it we had just about accepted that it just wasn't meant to be. Then you know what happens when you quit thinking about happens! We gave birth to a fine baby boy, Daniel Tyler, on May 20, 2006. This goes to show to all, never give up. We wouldn't have been able to make this happen without you, so add another win to your stats. The procedure was almost painless and well worth the drive to Tampa. Thanks for everything!
Roger & Donna

Dr. Stein, If you recall, I told you a couple weeks ago that my wife Arzu took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. The vasectomy reversal you performed on me was on 5 July 2007. Well, she had the pregnancy confirmed by a doctor just a couple days ago and she is 7 weeks along.
My wife Arzu and I thank you and your staff for everything. You and your personnel were fantastic throughout every aspect. Im not sure if I signed anything saying people could contact me if they wished to speak to your patients but please feel free to list my email.
Again, we thank you and your staff very much. Best regards, James and Arzu

Hi Dr. Its me Yes sir Daddy Nick ____, yup after 16 years Thanks to you just had our baby girl pics to follow shortly, wanted to let you know my money with you was very well spent. I recommend you to anyone looking for help in this area. I am, Hannah is proof of success. Ps. Any ideas on good protection without surgery and condoms or are you and I going to meet

Thank You very much once again hope i am not intruding I am now just a proud daddy sharing his blessing, You are wonderful keep up the great work.

Hi Dr need to contact me. I just wanted to let you know (again - I faxed the sperm count in 2006) that your first cross reversal (single connection only) was a success. You performed the procedure in 9/05, we found out Lezlie was pregnant in 12/06 and Grayson (boy) was born 8/8/07 - on our 15th anniversary!! This reversal was done 13 years after the original vasectomy! Rich

Dearest Dr Stein, You performed a reversal on my husband William December of 2008. It took us a year an a half and we were pregnant with our first son Jaeden born December 4, 2010. He is healthy, happy and beautiful. I have sent you info on his birth in the past but Jaeden wanted me to send you a message to let you know he is expecting a baby brother in July 2013. My husband had his vasectomy for 9 years before the reversal. We truly thank God for your services. With out you we would not have had our precious baby boy and one on the way. We know that they are truly blessings. Feel free to contact us.