Changes after Vasectomy

In March 2005, we began to use our Online Vasectomy Registration system by which vasectomy patient information is entered into a secure database. One year later, we were able to use this database to easily send patients (whose vasectomies had been performed more than six months earlier) a letter requesting that they return to us a short survey comparing their sexual function before and after the vasectomy. Four hundred surveys were sent to patients and, by 7/20/06, 119 had been returned. Not all responders answered all questions. Here are the results of that survey:

Since your vasectomy, how have the following changed? Much Less Slightly Less No Change Slightly More Much More
Sex Drive (Libido) 2 (1.7%) 4 (3.4%) 92 (81%) 16 (13%) 2 (1.2%)
Ability to obtain and maintain erections 0 5 (4.2%) 110 (92%) 4 (3.4%) 0
Rigidity (stiffness) of erections 0 5 (4.2%) 109 (92%) 4 (3.4%) 1 (0.8%)
Strength of orgasm (climax) sensation 0 6 (5%) 98 (82%) 12 (10%) 1 (0.8%)
Semen volume (the amount of fluid that comes out when you ejaculate) 5 (4.2%) 16 (13%) 86 (72%) 10 (8%) 1 (0.8%)
Is there any difference in the frequency of testicular discomfort over the past month as opposed to before your vasectomy? 12 3 73  12 3

Yes No
Overall, are you happy that you had a vasectomy 117 2*

* - One patient (age 20-29) indicated that his regret was due to an increased frequency of testicular discomfort ("much more") and a decreased sex drive ("much less"), not a desire for more children. While he indicated "No change" in his erections, strength of orgasms and semen volume were both "Slightly less". He provided his name in his survey, and a review of his chart revealed that he had never contacted our office about these issues after his procedure in July 2005.

* - The other patient (age 40-49) who was not happy that he had had a vasectomy offered the following comment: "I have noted different areas of sensation + less discharge since the procedure. Also less desire for intercourse." While he indicated that erections were "No change", he reported that sex drive, strength of orgasm, and semen volume were "Slightly less".

If you always knew as much as you know now about the vasectomy process ... Yes No
... might you have had a vasectomy sooner? 70 48
... before the conception of your youngest child? 11 85