Vasectomy in Orlando, Florida:

Orange County Health Department

Orange County has Title X (Ten) funding available for vasectomy for men who qualify based on income and family size!  Funding is "all or none" with no sliding scale.

Central Health Center
832 W. Central Blvd., Orlando

(407) 836-2600

Eastside Health Center
12050 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando

(407) 249-6232

The Central Health Center is on the south side of Central Boulevard ... easy to remember!

Patients should call the Orange County Health Department (OCHD) at 407-836-2600 and arrange an appointment for financial screening and counseling. If approved, OCHD will fax your paperwork to Planned Parenthood. A week after you sign your consent, call PP at 407-481-0696 and ask Luz at Ext. 143 whether your paperwork has been received. She will call Dr. Stein and Curington's office for an appointment date and time. 
Vasectomies are performed by Drs. Doug Stein and John Curington at their location in Kissimmee. If you do not qualify for financial assistance, the fee is $590.