Vasectomy in Palm Beach County
(West Palm Beach), Florida:

Palm Beach County Health Department

The Palm Beach County Health Department may offer Title 10 coverage for vasectomy services for men who qualify based upon income and family size. Family Planning services are offered at the following 2 health centers:

Call the health center nearest you and inquire about vasectomy services. If there are no more Title 10 funds for the current fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) in Palm Beach County, there may still be funds available through the Broward County Health Department. Drs. Stein and Curington are currently not providers for the Palm Beach CHD, but are providers for the Broward CHD. If you do not qualify for Title 10 assistance, you may want to have your vasectomy performed by Dr. Stein or Curington for a fee of $590. He performs vasectomies on a regular basis at the Lakeshore Office Park Suite 100 (click for details) in West Palm Beach.