Vasectomy in Sumter County, Florida:

Sumter County Health Department clinic in Bushnell.    

At the Sumter County Health Department, there are no formal arrangements for provision of vasectomy services with Title X (Ten) funds, but a number of Sumter residents have received assistance for vasectomy services in Hernando, MarionLake, and Pasco Counties. If you would like to contact the Health Department to encourage a vasectomy program in the future, clinic telephone numbers are (352) 793-2701/793-5834 (Bushnell) and (352) 330-1313 (Wildwood). Clinic addresses and photos are in the Health Department website, the link to which is underlined above.

If you do not qualify for assistance in Hernando, Marion, Lake, or Pasco County, you may consider the following 2 options:

1.  Have your vasectomy through the Pasco County Health Department clinic in Dade City or through the Hernando County Health Department clinic in Brooksville for a fee of $400. After a consultation visit at one of those sites, you will be referred to the Tampa office of Drs. Doug Stein and Alex Galante. Because these clinics utilize Title X funds, separate consultation and procedure visits are required, with a 30-day interval between.

2.    Have your vasectomy at Wisdo Family Medicine in Ocala (Marion County) for $590. Only one visit is required.