Vasectomy schedule:

Drs. Stein and Curington have provided vasectomy services at a number of facilities outside our Tampa/Lutz office. Here is the schedule. Because of such a busy schedule, we have consolidated services to Tampa/Lutz (our main office) and Ocala until we acquire an associate who can serve these distant sites.

Clicking on the county name will provide details about Title X assistance for vasectomy in that county and a link to the website of that county's health department. Clicking on the city name will provide maps to and photos of the facility in which we work.

The initials DS or AG indicate when Dr. Doug Stein or Dr. Alex Galante will be at that facility, but it does not guarantee availability of appointments. Days marked TD are training days when Dr. Stein trains other doctors, usually Americans, Canadians, and Australians. Reduced fees are offered to men who wish to be training cases. On TDs, both training and non-training vasectomies are offered. Days marked F are "full", that is, there are no more appointments available. On dates when 2 sets of initials are listed, both doctors will be performing vasectomies at the same facility.

  County > Marion Hillsborough Lee Osceola Volusia Palm Beach Summit
  City > Ocala Tpa/Lutz
Kissimmee Port
  Facility > WFM     PMC POP LOP ACCF
phone* ->
Fr Sep 22   DS TD F Service Service Service Service  
Mo Sep 25 DS F suspended suspended suspended suspended
Tu Sep 26 AG F | | | |
We Sep 27 AG F | | | |
Th Sep 28 AG F | | | |
Fr Sep 29   AG F     DS
Mo Oct 2 AG F  
Tu Oct 3 AG F  
Th Oct 5 AG F  
Fr Oct 6   AG F      
Mo Oct 9 AG F  
Tu Oct 10 AG  
Th Oct 12 AG  
Fr Oct 13   AG F      
Sa Oct 14 DS/AG      
Mo Oct 16 AG  
Tu Oct 17 AG  
We Oct 18 DS TD F  
Th Oct 19 AG/DS TD  
Fr Oct 20   AG/DS TD      
We Nov 1 DS TD  
Th Nov 2 DS TD  
Fr Nov 3   DS TD      
We Nov 29 DS TD  
Th Nov 30 DS TD  
Fr Dec 1   DS TD      
We Dec 13 DS TD  
Th Dec 14 DS TD  
Fr Dec 15   DS TD      
We Jan 10 DS TD  
Th Jan 11 DS TD  
Fr Jan 12   DS TD      
We Feb 7 DS TD  
Th Feb 8 DS TD  
Fr Feb 9   DS TD      
We Feb 29 DS TD  
Th Feb 29 DS TD  
Fr Mar 1   DS TD      
We Mar 20 DS TD  
Th Mar 21 DS TD  
Fr Mar 22   DS TD      
We Apr 10 DS TD  
Th Apr 11 DS TD  
Fr Apr 12   DS TD      
We Apr 24 DS TD  
Th Apr 25 DS TD  
Fr Apr 26   DS TD      
We May 15 DS TD  
Th May 16 DS TD  
Fr May 17   DS TD      
We Jun 5 DS TD  
Th Jun 6 DS TD  
Fr Jun 7   DS TD      
We Jun 19 DS TD  
Th Jun 20 DS TD  
Fr Jun 21 DS TD
We Jul 24 DS TD  
Th Jul 25 DS TD  
Fr Jul 26 DS TD

* - If you encounter any difficulty getting through on any of these lines, please phone our office directly at (813) 536-1430.