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Online Vasectomy Registration
Vasectomy Counseling Video Stein Spanish Version
Vasectomy Counseling Video Curington

Vasectomies $200 off August 25-26 (click for details)
Physician Training

Vasectomy in COLORADO 
Financial Assistance for Low-Income Men without Health Insurance: Title X ("ten")
Special Message for Young Men (under 30) with Fewer than Two Children
Special Message for Men Who Have Never Caused a Pregnancy
Special Message for Men on TESTOSTERONE Therapy
Special Message for Men Whose Partners Have Had or May Have a Tubal Ligation

Dr. Stein's International Work and Documentary Film
Dr. Stein as a Guest on Sperm Talk Radio

Before scheduling a vasectomy, (1) review the vasectomy page and watch the counseling video, (2) consider payment options, and (3) select a location and date from our schedule.
To schedule a vasectomy, complete the online registration and we will call you with a specific time for your chosen location and date when we see your registration in our holding area.